What is included in the Perfect Brow Collection?

The Perfect Brow Collection currently includes:

The Golden Tweezer

Precision Brow Pencil in shades: Blonde, Brunette, Deep Brunette and Smoke

Tinted Brow Ink in shades: Brunette, Deep Brunette and Dark Taupe

#BROWPORN clear gel

Brow Highlighter in shades: Matte Pink, Champagne Pink, Matte Beige and Champagne Beige

This collection will continue to grow overtime and all updates on that will be announced via newsletter and all social media channels.

What if I am unsure about which products and shades are best for me?

We are first and foremost a salon, so all brow-related questions are welcomed! If you are unsure about which product/color is meant for you, send us an email: ordre@browrehabcosmetics.com. It would be helpful to also include any concerns, as well as photos of your brows (taken in daylight, with good focus on the face and brows)

Where can I buy Brow Rehab Cosmetics?
We are currently only available in our Brow Rehab Salon locations & within the salons who carry Brow Rehab Cosmetics.
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Do all salons listed have all of the Brow Rehab Cosmetics products?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every salon will have all of the products available. The best way to see if a salon has what you’re looking for is to contact them directly.

Does Brow Rehab Cosmetics test on animals?

NEVER EVER EVER! We are very passionate about making our products safe and friendly to our beloved animals of the world.



How can I take in Brow Rehab Cosmetics at my company/salon?

We are ALWAYS looking to add more salons to our list! Send us an email with your company information and we will give you all that you need to know!

What is included in “The Starter Kit” for salons who take in Brow Rehab Cosmetics?

The Starter Kit includes:

6x The Golden Tweezer + tester

6x Precision Brow Pencil – in all shades + testers

6x Tinted Brow Ink – in all shades + testers

6x #BROWPORN clear gel + tester

6x Brow Highlighter - in all shades + testers

The Starter Kit also includes our Brow Rehab Cosmetics product display, a price list print out, a Brow Rehab Cosmetics advertising photo and plexiglass frames for both print outs.



What is the return policy?

By Norwegian law, we are not allowed to accept makeup back if it has been opened, the seal has been broken or it has been used. The Golden Tweezer is the ONLY product in our collection that can be returned if it has been opened.

All returns must include a receipt proving purchase.

If you have opened a product and believe it to be the incorrect shade, we will accept the return with proof of purchase.



Does Brow Rehab Cosmetics offer discounts for makeup artists or those studying to become one?

We are currently in the process of creating Brow Rehab Cosmetics Pro, a discount VIP program for beauty students and professionals.

Does Brow Rehab Cosmetics offer student discounts?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer student discounts.